Cave of Sounds

Cave of Sounds Cave of Sounds

Saturday, January 27, 2018 to Saturday, May 12, 2018

Booking: No booking required.
Cost: Normal admission charges apply.

The Cave of Sounds is an interactive installation featuring up to eight original electronic musical instruments. The installation is the product of a collaboration between eight artists, each of whom designed and produced one of the instruments. These instruments don’t have to be played in a particular way – they can be played using movement, light, shadow or touch – so whether you are a musician or not, you decide how to play them. This results in a wide variety of sounds and a unique sound experience. The results feed in to a central computer that keeps everything in key and on beat. The installation is arranged in a semicircle, which mimics prehistoric stone circles. At the centre, a visualisation drawing shows exactly how each instrument being played, is connected and allows players to interact with each other, through sound. A two minute video documenting Cave of Sounds may be seen here



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