Bowerchalke Roman Hoard

Solidus of Valentinian II On display: Wessex Gallery
Roman, 4th century AD

This gold coin is a solidus of Valentinian II (375–392). It is from the Bowerchalke Hoard which includes 64 coins and four gold rings which all date to the late Roman period. They were found in the same area over a ten year period by a pair of metal detectorists.

The coins in the hoard date from the end of the 4th century AD and represent some of the last issues of Roman coinage found in Britain. The most remarkable is this solidus, a gold coin that was equivalent to a quarter of the annual pay of a soldier in the late 4th century AD. The rest of the coins in the hoard are silver siliqua and miliarensis covering the period 337–408 AD. The latest coins are from the reigns of the emperors Theodosius I (379–395), Eugenius (392–394) and Arcadius (395–408). Many are damaged, either chipped, cracked or split by the plough.

Acquired with the support of the V & A Purchase Grant Fund and the Art Fund.

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