The Four Elements: a selling exhibition of modern mosaics organised by Robert Field

Now, in the gallery and garden of Salisbury Museum, close to the great Cathedral - from April 5 to June 7 - twenty-two modern mosaic artists, in a varied display of ingenuity, skill and artistic brilliance, provide their interpretations of the four elements. From the middle of the last century many artists have seen the potential of mosaic as a means of artistic expression. However, unlike their counterparts from the past, today’s mosaicists are not restricted by convention or the need to make their pieces fit into a functional decorative scheme; many works are made to be wall-hung, like paintings, while others are for placing in a room or garden. Modern mosaic artists are constantly trying to free themselves from the labels of ‘Craft’ and ‘Decoration’ and to have their work seen as valid expressions of their artistic creativity.

The Four Elements is the second such exhibition organised by artist and writer, Robert Field. The first, The Four Seasons - Ancient and Modern was held in Corinium Museum in Cirencester in 2006. Many of the same artists are involved. This new exhibition highlights the fascinating range of their diverse work and shows the remarkable extent of what is being produced in this medium at the present time. The Four Elements is modern mosaic-making at its finest and a splendid opportunity (for those with an eye on the contemporary) to purchase a form of art now rapidly finding its place in the modern home alongside the more traditional - and familiar - oil and watercolour paintings.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 5 April to Saturday 7 June.