Major Exhibition: Marks Through the Landscape

Featuring new work, Marks Through the Landscape, from 13 January – 24 March, is our first major exhibition of 2010. Since 2008, Tim Harrisson has been working on sculpture and drawings influenced by his encounters with the Museum’s acclaimed Pitt Rivers Collection and the landscape Pitt Rivers excavated in the 1880s and 90s.

Harrisson’s interest lies in how the sculptural form of the landscape has been fashioned over time by the elements and by the activities of mankind.  The sculpture and drawings in this exhibition show how Harrisson has responded to Pitt Rivers’ methodical documentation of his archaeological excavations at Cranborne Chase on the Wiltshire/Dorset border.

Pitt Rivers’ detailed notes, maps, and specially commissioned models of the landscape before and after excavations informed the course of Harrisson’s artistic development.  The series of new work reflects his progression from sculptures that bear the marks of the landscape, to his recollections of the landscape, and to drawings that evoke history and change through human intervention.

For further information view the Vision News South video.