Making History: Free Illustrated Talk in Secondary Schools

Making History: 300 years of exploring the past by local archaeologist and broadcaster Julian Richards.

Julian Richards will come to your school and deliver an exciting, illustrated talk on the discovery of Britain by the Society of Antiquaries. This is an opportunity for your students to learn more about the people who first challenged our understanding of the prehistoric past, and how their work has influenced the way we approach history today.

Over the past 300 years, archaeologists have completely changed our view of human history. Before archaeology became a scientific discipline, most people thought that the Bible, which has been interpreted as saying that God put Adam and Eve on Earth one day in 4004BC, was literally true. It was archaeologists that proved humans and their ancestors have been around for about five million years.

  • This talk is being offered totally FREE to the first 3 schools that book.
  • Up to 3 sessions can be delivered over the day to a maximum number of 35 students.
  • Additional element available: Enrich this experience with an interrogation of Richard Colt Hoare, early antiquarian and renowned treasure hunter. Julian will help students gather questions to put to our costumed interpreter to help them decide if the actions of the early antiquaries were right or wrong.
  • Cost: Additional £250 for the day to cover the cost of hiring the interpreter. Julian’s talk will remain at no cost to the school.
  • Bookings are available from Wednesday 26th November to Friday 12th December 2008.
  • This session is suitable for year group 9, KS4 and above. It is also suitable for supporting gifted and talented students.
  • This is an opportunity to get students excited by history and to introduce archaeology as a career route.
  • Students will also receive free entry passes to the Museum to visit the Making History exhibition at the Museum in their own time.

Phone the Education Officer for more details or to book on 01722 332151 or email the Education Officer.