Salisbury Museum participate in TopLots!

Lots of lots featuring a whole range of experiences from the UK’s extraordinarily diverse heritage sector will be available on eBay from 15 May – 15 June. Museums large and small; historic houses and heritage properties from all regions are participating. Privileged access, exclusive experiences, and unique memories to treasure will be on offer – ideal gifts for enthusiasts with a passion for their subjects and unusual corporate events and family outings.

Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum’s lot is an exclusive day when you can be ‘Director’ of the Museum. This will be an unique opportunity for you and a friend to spend a day working with Museum staff, seeing behind the scenes, handling unusual artefacts and helping to curate an exhibition.

If you want to know more see the TopLots website - The offer is open to anybody so don’t forget to tell your friends. Also don’t forget to bid in the auction – remember that the Museum will receive 80% of the price that the lot goes for.