Volunteer Training

On this page you will find links to different training material about the museum, collections and temporary exhibitions. This page will be updated over the next few months. If there is further training material that you require please contact Bridget Telfer the Volunteer Co-ordinator by emailing bridgettelfer@salisburymuseum.org.uk or call 01722 332151.

Volunteer Induction

At Induction all volunteers receive a Volunteer Handbook and Volunteer Induction Pack. These will be available here shortly.

Volunteer Coffee Mornings

Three times a year we hold Volunteer Coffee Mornings. These are a great opportunity for volunteers to meet each other but also to learn about the museum. At each coffee morning there is a presentation from a member of staff on a different theme.
Below are the presentations that we have filmed:
  • Museum Director Adrian Green talks about the Museum Masterplan and the major re-development plans proposed for the forthcoming years (July 2016)

Object in Focus

Volunteers are often very knowledgeable about the collections on display. We are asking them to write or present information about their chosen object. If you have an object that you would like to write about then do contact Bridget Telfer, the Volunteer Co-ordinator (contact details above). 
  • Volunteer Michael Boakes, presents his ‘Object in Focus: The Stonehenge Archer’ (July 2016)