Discovering Archaeology

Saturday, January 15, 2011 to Monday, April 25, 2011

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Following the story of the excavation, by Wessex Archaeology, of a Bronze Age burial at Norton Bavant, in 1987, Discovering Archaeology looks into the processes taken before, during and after excavation. Using a variety of objects and media, the exhibition takes you step by step into the world of archaeology and what happens when something significant is found.

Norton Bavant was noted as a site of archaeological interest after crop marks were identified on the site. With the construction of the A36 in 1987, the site at Norton Bavant was selected to have chalk quarried to use in the construction of the road. This prompted the need for an archaeological investigation to take place on the crop markings which may have later been destroyed by quarrying.

Although the Borrow Pit at Norton Bavant is a Bronze Age burial, objects from the Saxon and Roman period were discovered along with much 20th Century material from army training trenches dug on the site during the First World War, removing the feet of the primary burial in the center of the Borrow Pit. The exhibition will be displaying most of the finds which were discovered on the site, but will not be showing the skeleton due to the condition it was found in.