A World in Fragments: mosaics by Robert Field

A World in Fragments: mosaics by Robert Field Image credit: Avian Aerobatics by Robert Field (c) 2012 Robert Field

Saturday, February 2, 2013 to Saturday, May 11, 2013

Booking: No booking required.
Cost: Normal admission charges apply.

A World in Fragments will display the diverse output and wide-ranging themes Robert Field has undertaken as a mosaicist. Inspired by traditional techniques, he creates his own abstracts of the natural world, extracting from it the patterns of nature.

The exhibition includes several series of work - one based on the incredible patterns made by the reflection of light and colour on the ever-changing surface of water, another concentrating on close-ups of flowers and seed heads. Robert’s lifelong fascination with the technique and design of Roman mosaics is reflected in the making of his work; this is further explored in his re-creation of original Roman mosaics.

Highlights include Robert’s painstaking recreation of the Newton St Loe Orpheus Pavement and geographical location mosaics of Handfast Point and Old Harry Rocks in Dorset along with his Monochrome series, exploring the limitations of only using white.

Family friendly activities will be available in the gallery to help visitors explore the mosaics in a variety of ways.