Collingbourne Ducis and its place in early Anglo-Saxon Wiltshire

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 - 19:30

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A lecture by Dr Nick Stoodley, Winchester University.

The cemetery at Collingbourne Ducis was first investigated in 1974-5 when 36 inhumations (burials) were recovered. Recently it has been the focus of excavations by Wessex Archaeology during which an additional 78 inhumations and 6 cremations were found.

With 120 interments it is presently the largest sample of early Anglo-Saxon burials from the county and has provided archaeologists with a range of grave goods and other ritual practices spanning more than 200 yrs from the mid 5th to later 7th century. In this talk the significance of the site will be assessed by comparing it against contemporary cemeteries in Wiltshire and through the consideration of topics such as the cultural identity and social structure of the community buried at Collingbourne Ducis.

A lecture in the Museum's Archaeology Lecture Series, which take place on the second Tuesday of the months September to April inclusive.

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