From Wollongong to Wallonia (via Wiltshire): An Archaeology of the Great War

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - 19:30

Booking: No booking required.

A lecture by Richard Osgood and Martin Brown, Defence Estates (MOD).

This year has been the first when there have been no veterans of the Great War to commemorate Armistice Day in the UK. First hand knowledge of the fighting in the Great War has passed from living memory into history. Yet the archaeology of the Great War can also reveal much about the lives and deaths of these men in 1914-1918. This need not be in the muddy fields of France and Belgium, the baked slopes of Gallipoli or the dusty expanse of the Arabian desert for there are still compelling traces left behind by soldiers in the training areas of Wiltshire. This talk will follow one particular unit of men who had travelled half way round the world to answer the Empire's call to arms. It examines the efficacy of their training and how they fared in Belgium. This is the story of the Australian 3rd Division. 

To accompany this lecture and for further information about the Australian 3rd Division, Richard Osgood with his colleague Martin Brown have published a book entitled Digging Up Plugstreet: The Archaeology of a Great War Battlefield, published by J H Haynes & Co Ltd (Aug 2009).