Twelfth Night

Sunday, August 7, 2011 - 19:00

Booking: Booking required. Please contact the museum.

7.00 pm start (Gates open 5.00 pm). Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, performed by Illyria Theatre Company.  We would love to see you all at this year's open air theatre. Illyria will perform Twelfth Night on the back lawn of the museum.

‘Following a shipwreck, Viola is washed ashore in Illyria, a country where everything is illogical and delirious. To protect herself she adopts a male disguise. But what use are disguises when Lady Olivia falls madly in love with her, and she herself falls in love with Count Orsino?  It could all end in tears – even if most of them are of laughter’.