Museum staff welcome all people with disabilities and have received Welcome Host and/or disability awareness training. They will do their best to help you and to make your contact with the Museum successful. If there is something that you feel could reasonably be improved, or if you have any special requirements, please let us know.

Wheelchair users

There is a wheelchair available for visitors' use. Please let the Museum know in advance if you would like it reserved for you.

There is some parking on the Museum's forecourt for orange or blue badge holders. One space by the front door is reserved for use only by those with a disability. We do our best to reserve space if booked in advance.

There is level access through the ground floor to shop/reception, galleries (Wessex gallery, Salisbury history and temporary exhibitions), coffee shop, toilets and lecture hall.

The First Floor

Salisbury Museum does not have a lift that provides access to the first floor.

Admission charge

The necessary escort of a visitor with a disability is admitted free of charge upon request, while the normal charge applies to the disabled visitor.

Hearing impaired people

There is an induction loop in the Lecture Hall.

Staff are being trained in BSL sign language. Please ask if you might find this useful though we cannot always guarantee provision.


There are seats with arms in galleries, lecture hall and coffee shop. Please give up such seats to those with disabilities.  (regrettably Minicom/Typetalk is not available at present).

Toilets/Baby care facilities

There is a toilet available for people with disabilities. This is situated near the Coffee Shop and also provides modest baby care facilities.

Visually impaired people

There are presently few exhibits which can be touched without supervision.

There are boxes of archaeological handling material, which can be made available by prior booking. For groups of visually impaired people touch sessions may be arranged using this material.

We endeavour to meet special requirements though it should be remembered that staff are very limited in number and do have many demands on their time.

Large print brochures are available on request and information can be provided on disk. We have a programme of creating larger print labels for our displays.

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome. We can provide water for them if requested.

Autism Resources

We programme Relaxed Opening Hours regularly. These are designated times in which we offer a specific welcome and additional support for neuro-atypical visitors or those on the autism spectrum. Please see our events section for further details, dates and times. Our 'Visual Story' is an image led document to help people prepare for their visit to the museum which includes information on sensory stimulus, layout and how the museum works. The Visual Story document can be downloaded here