Pitt Rivers

Pitt-Rivers Collection

Known as the ‘father of modern scientific archaeology’, General Pitt- Rivers made many important discoveries digging on Cranborne Chase between 1880 and 1900. This collection was given to the museum by the Government in lieu of death duty in 1975. It not only contains important local finds, but also hand made models of archaeological sites and ethnographic items from the former Pitt-Rivers Museum at Farnham, Dorset.

General Pitt-Rivers
Lieutenant-General Pitt-Rivers inherited the Rushmore Estate on Cranborne Chase in 1880.
Model of Pentre Ifan Cromlech, Pembrokeshire
This model was made for General Pitt-Rivers for his museum at Farnham, Dorset.
Pitt-Rivers craniometer
Archaeologist General Pitt-Rivers owned two craniometers to measure the size and shape of skulls.
Rotherley Roman Settlement
General Pitt-Rivers was the first to recognise the earthworks on Rotherley Down near Berwick St John as the remains of a rural settlement.
South Lodge Urn
General Pitt-Rivers excavated South Lodge Camp, an enclosed settlement situated on Cranborne Chase in 1893.
Woodcuts Model
Woodcuts, near Tollard Royal, was excavated by Lieutenant-General Pitt-Rivers in 1884–1885.
Wor Barrow
Between 1893–1894 Lieutenant General Pitt-Rivers excavated Wor Barrow...