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The Amesbury Archer

The grave of a man dating to around 2,300BC discovered three miles from Stonehenge at Amesbury by Wessex Archaeology in May 2002. His grave was the richest from this period ever found in Britain and contained the country’s first gold objects. He was also found with archery equipment, hence his name.

The Cathedral Close

The Cathedral Close is the name given to the land immediately surrounding Salisbury Cathedral. When the Cathedral, the Close and the city were planned the canons of the Cathedral were each allocated land within the Close on which to build their houses.

The King’s House

The King’s House is the home of Salisbury Museum. It is called the King’s House because King James I stayed here in 1610 and 1613.

The Warminster Jewel

This object is believed to be an Anglo Saxon aestel (manuscript pointer) dating back to the 9th century. It was found in a field near Cley Hill, Warminster in 1997.

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Social History

Of particular significance in the collection are the relics of the ancient guilds of Salisbury.

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