The museum has a beautiful and intriguing collection of people’s clothes and accessories from the past. Some of the oldest items date back over 300 years but the collection spans the centuries and also includes pieces from more recent decades such as the 1950s. Please note that all of this collection is currently in storage due to the Past Forward project.
Yellow Wedding Dress
Bought in Paris, this dress was worn by Jinny Townsend on her wedding day in 1879.
Smocks were designed to protect countryside workers from the weather.
Purple Silk Dress
The ownership of this dress is shrouded in mystery but it is likely to have been made and worn by a Russian princess.
Mother of Pearl and Lace Fan
The lace on this fan is handmade and the mother of pearl sticks are inlaid with gold.
Millicent Fawcett’s Cape
This embroidered cape may have belonged to Millicent Fawcett, who was a woman’s suffrage campaigner.
Ladies Shoe
This shoe was found under the floorboard in the attic of The Old Dairy Cottage in Upper Woodford, Salisbury.
Lace Maker Doll
The doll sits behind a bobbin lace pillow which was used to hold the lace pattern in place as she worked.
Lace Bolero
Lace was first developed in Europe in the 1500s.
Howard Harris’ Great Coat
During the Crimean War, local man Howard Harris wore this great coat.
Dr Neighbour’s Surgery
A popular display is the reconstructed surgery of Dr Philip Neighbour, who practised in Amesbury from 1939 almost until his death in 1982.
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