Fashioning Our World

Fashioning Our World

In the past, clothes were often repaired, re-worn or refashioned. The threads, patches and fabrics tell the story of garments and the person who wore it. Materials such as coral and feathers were often collected from the natural world and used to make clothes or accessories, and these show us the darker tales of fashion history.

These stories inspire us to think differently about the clothes we wear now and make positive changes for a more sustainable fashion future.

The Fashioning Our World exhibition is being held at The Salisbury Museum 10 February  - 12 May  and features  historical items never displayed before with stories of sustainability, alongside contemporary creations by famous designers.

The Fashioning Our World project offers a chance for young people (aged 11-25) to:

  • Work along side experts and museum volunteers to discover the hidden stories of sustainability found in collections of historical clothes and collections.
  • Learn the skills to work on their own clothes - such as visible mending, patching and remaking.
  • Make a positive difference by inspiring others in the community to think differently about fashion sustainability


The workshops are currently available at The Salisbury Museum and will be expanding to Dorset Museum this year. If you are interested in taking part, please contact Katy England at The Salisbury Museum 

Supported by The Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund – delivered by the Museums Association

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Of particular significance in the collection are the relics of the ancient guilds of Salisbury.

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