Guild Objects

The merchant guild was a union of merchants formed to protect and regulate trade, comprising representatives of all the wealthiest trades of the city – formed by 1250 as the number of skilled trades and craft guilds expanded. During the 1400s Salisbury boasted 19 craft guilds that combined 36 distinct trades. Their fortunes began to wane in the 1700s and by 1850 had largely disappeared – being superseded by new social clubs and friendly societies.

Master Tablet for John Kirk, 1745 – carved and painted wooden tablets commemorated the tenure of office of Masters of the Tailors' Guild.

Emblem of the Sarum Cordwainers' Guild Drinking cup in the form of a leather shoe with silver ornaments. Inscribed 'John Grumbleton Ex Dono'.

Pewter tankard that belonged to the Joiners' Guild and is inscribed with the names of William Areley and John Carpender, Wardens of the Guild in 1681.

Carved wooden model of a loaf of bread. Emblem of the Sarum Bakers' Guild. It was carried on a 'wand' in the Guild procession.

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Social History

Of particular significance in the collection are the relics of the ancient guilds of Salisbury.

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