Ceramics & Glass

This collection consists primarily of English pottery and porcelain of the 18th and 19th centuries. It is a connoisseur’s collection and there are approximately 4,000 items. In addition the museum has more humble crockery manufactured locally in Dorset and Hampshire and items produced for the local tourist market. Please note that all of this collection is currently in storage due to the Past Forward project.
Wine Glass
This fine glass, with an intricate air twist stem, is engraved with symbols which represented support for the Jacobite cause...
Wiltshire Brown Ware Puzzle Jug
Despite its name this was actually made in the Alderholt area on the Dorset/Hampshire border.
Wedgwood ‘Frog’ Plate
This is one piece from the huge dinner (680 pieces) and dessert (264 pieces) services, made for 50 people, commissioned from Wedgwood in 1773 by Empress Catherine the Great of Russia. It originally consisted of 944 pieces decorated with 1,222 hand-painted scenes of British gardens and landscapes.
Wedgwood Queensware Cruet
In 1763 Josiah Wedgwood finally succeeded in producing a fine, richly glazed earthenware, a cream ware to rival porcelain.
Wedgwood Emile Lessore Tazza
Wedgwood employed the French artist Emile Lessore between to decorate selected pieces...
Wedgwood Cauliflower Teapot
Josiah Wedgwood experimented in his early years with new coloured glazes...
Verwood Moneybox
This three-tiered moneybox is one of the more unusual products from the prolific potters of the heath land around Verwood, Dorset.
Old Sarum Kettles
More than 140,000 'kettles' were made and sold locally as souvenirs in Salisbury between 1889 and 1921.
Five Senses
Sight, Taste, Hearing, Smell, and Touch.
Delft Tile
Salisbury Museum has a fine collection of Delft tiles.
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