Cardboard Box Car Instructions (Museum Connect)

Step-by-step instructions to help you make your own cardboard box car as part of the Museum Connect Scout Car activity video.

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Coins Maths Activity

Keep the fun with coins going using this extension activity.

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Coins Through the Ages Activity

Find out about the history of coins - and then make your own using household materials!

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COVID-19 Schools Risk Assessment

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Decoding Art History Activity

Have fun exploring some of the paintings in the museum's collection and learn more about them through games and puzzles!

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Design Your Motor Templates (Museum Connect)

Templates to help you design your own motor car as part of the Museum Connect Scout Car activity video.

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Drainage Collection Example Objects

To help you complete the Drainage Collection Story Activity if you're unable to visit the museum, you can use these example objects from the collection.

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Draininage Collection Story Activity

Creative writing activity to help children and young people develop their own story based on an object from the museum's Drainage Collection.

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Learning - Constable Education Resource

Constable Education Resource

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Origins at Roche Court

Educational visits to explore the materials, ideas and images of Modern and Contemporary Sculpture within an archaeological and historical context at Roche Court

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